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Chewy Affiliate Program (2024)

Chewy is one of the largest pet retailers in the United States. 

If you live in the USA and have a pet, the chances are you familiar with Chewy or even bought something from its store. 

Does Chewy have an affiliate program? Yes, Chewy has an affiliate program that anyone can join.

This review will teach you how to become a Chewy affiliate and everything you need to know to be a successful ambassador. 

Pet affiliate programs have a lot of potential, as pet owners are usually very passionate about their furry friends and are constantly seeking high-quality products, personalized recommendations, and expert advice to provide the best care for their pets. This creates a prime opportunity for pet affiliate programs to connect with engaged audiences and earn commissions by promoting relevant and trusted pet products.

Chewy Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: 4%
Cookie Duration: 15 days
Where to Join: Partnerize
Payment Options: PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer

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Chewy Affiliate Program

The Chewy affiliate program can be joined through the Partnerize network here

The program also used to be hosted on CJ Affiliate, but currently, you can only join it through Partnerize. 

This is a good thing, as the programs were a little different on each affiliate network, creating confusion among affiliates about which program to join. 

Chewy primarily targets the US market, but Chewy affiliates can also earn commission from the following countries: Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Philippines.

Nevertheless, Chewy does not have international shipping, so I am unsure why they mentioned the program supports other countries (I did not find any other Chewy online stores than  

The program has a decent 15-day cookie duration which is above average for a pet affiliate program. 

Chewy does not specify any requirements for joining their program. If you have a website or a social channel related to pets, you should have no problem getting accepted. 

Please note that signing up on the "Chewy sign-up page" (picture below) will not get you accepted to the Chewy affiliate program.  

This will only get you signed up to Partnerize and put the Chewy affiliate program in the "campaign" tab. 

What you still have to do in your Partnerize account is click on Campaign/Join campaigns and then select Chewy, agree to the program’s terms & conditions, and click on the "Join selected Campaign" button. 

Chewy Affiliate Program Commission

Chewy affiliate program commission used to have a flat-based $15 commission for each new customer order. 

Now Chewy pays 4% on all products except Rx Products and Gift Cards (Rx Products are various Vitamins and supplements).

Is this better or worse for Chewy ambassadors? That depends on the average amount Chewy customers spend.

In order to receive a $15 commission as before, your referral would have to purchase products worth $375 (4% of 375 is 15). 

I doubt that Chewy customers spend that much. Based on Bloomberg Second Measure, the average transaction value seems to be around $81. 

However, the old flat-based $15 commission was just for new Chewy customers. You did not receive any commission for all the purchases of existing Chewy customers. Now you earn 4% on the purchases regardless if your referral has a Chewy account or not. 

I still think that Chewy affiliates earn a lot less now than before, but I don't promote Chewy, so it is just my assumption. 

If anyone reading this review is a Chewy affiliate, please leave a comment on how the change of commission affected your earnings. 

Can You Make $1,000 a Month as a Chewy Affiliate?

Let's create a simplified hypothetical example to give you an idea of the website traffic needed to earn $1,000.

I will assume that Chewy customers order products worth $81 (as mentioned earlier, that should be the average transaction value). 

Therefore, from each referral, you would earn $3.24. 

To earn $1,000, you would need to generate around 309 sales through your affiliate links. 

If your content containing affiliate links had the typical 1% conversion rate, approximately 30,900 people would need to read your content.

How to Promote Chewy

Pet affiliate programs target a very specific audience - people with pets. This makes the Chewy affiliate program suitable for a limited number of bloggers /influencers. 

For example, if you promote hosting, your audience is very wide. Anyone who wants to have a website needs hosting. That’s also why hosting affiliate programs are very popular. They don’t just pay big commissions but also pretty much any blogger can promote it regardless of their niche. 

If you want to promote Chewy, you should be in the pet niche and provide valuable product reviews, pet care tips, or even share personal experiences with Chewy's products.

Besides promoting Chewy through your blog, I highly recommend leveraging social media as well. 

Many pet influences are killing it, mainly on Instagram and TikTok. 

Posts with animals have higher engagement than posts with people. Pictures of pets evoke strong emotional feelings and lead to more commenting, liking, and sharing.

However, the competition is high. Besides many pet influencers that monetize their content, there is also a huge number of regular accounts of pet lovers that post pet content just out of passion. 

Summary: Pros & Cons

This brief overview outlines the primary pros and cons of the Chewy affiliate program.


  • 4% commission is decent for a pet affiliate program
  • 15-day cookie duration
  • Wide selection of pet products
  • Well-known and reputable brand in the pet industry


  • No international shipping. Therefore, you need to have US audience
  • Very competitive on social media

Chewy. vs. Amazon Associates

Chewy is a specialized pet store, but not all people prefer buying from specialized stores. Many pet owners buy products from general stores like Amazon. 

If you promote pet products on Amazon, you will earn 3% with Amazon Associates compared to the 4% you earn with Chewy. 

Also, Amazon Associates has 24 hours cookie duration (90 if a product is added to the cart), while Chewy has 15 days. 

Based on this comparison, Chewy may look like a clear winner, but it is not that easy to decide. 

This is because when people shop on Amazon, they often buy multiple products. 

For example, if you had an affiliate link leading to a dog pet toy on Amazon and the person would not just buy that toy but also a gaming PC, you would earn a commission for it as well. 

Undoubtedly, Amazon's overall order value is higher than Chewy's, so even though Chewy has a higher commission, you will probably earn more with Amazon Associates. 

I recommend signing up for both and testing which performs better with your audience.

Should You Become a Chewy Affiliate?

Chewy has established its position as the go-to destination for countless pet owners across the USA, serving as their ultimate shopping haven for all things pet-related.

The Chewy affiliate program allows you to promote their products and earn a 4% commission with a 15-day cookie duration. 

Even though the 4% commission is not that high, you will not get higher with other pet affiliate programs. 

If you are in the pet niche and have a US audience, then you give the Chewy affiliate program a try. 

Simultaneously, I recommend joining Amazon Associates and testing which one will have better results. 

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