Fitbit Affiliate Program (2024)

Are you a fan of Fitbit? Do you own one of their devices to keep track of your fitness goals and health? It's fascinating how Fitbit has revolutionized personal health monitoring, allowing users to take charge of their well-being in innovative ways.

Does Fitbit have an affiliate program? Unfortunately, Fitbit does not currently have an affiliate program that you could join.

Fitbit used to have an affiliate landing page on its official website with general information about its affiliate program. However, when you visit the page now, you land on a 404 page. 

The affiliate landing page used to link to CJ Affiliate, where was the Fitbit affiliate program hosted. 

Now the program has been removed from CJ Affiliate, and you will not be able to find it. 

The commission rate was between 3% to 12% depending on the Fitbit product you chose to promote. 

Cookie duration was 15 days, and only affiliates based in the USA and Canada were eligible to join. 

Is the Fitbit affiliate program ever coming back? Maybe, but I have not found any information about it. 

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