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Fiverr Affiliate Program: How to Make $3,000 a Month (Actionable Tips)

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces in the world. It has more than 1 million freelancers (sellers) who sell their services, known as gigs. 

You can join the Fiverr affiliate program, become a Fiver affiliate and promote gigs from more than 300 categories.

No matter the task, there is a freelancer on Fiverr who can help. The diversity of services is one of the best things about the Fiverr affiliate program. 

There are so many topics around which you can create content and promote Fiverr gigs. 

In this review, you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful Fiverr affiliate. You will learn not just everything about the program but also tips on how you can approach promoting Fiverr gigs. 

I have an experience as a Fiverr affiliate and also as a Fiverr seller. I have made over $200.000 selling website development services so I know a lot about Fiverr. 

Anyone can sell on Fiverr, even without any experience

However, now let's talk about promoting Fiverr as an affiliate and not selling on Fiverr as a seller. 

Fiverr Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: $15-150
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Where to Join: In-house affiliate program 
Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

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How to Become a Fiverr Affiliate

The Fiverr affiliate program enables users to earn a commission by promoting services on the marketplace. 

To join the Fiverr affiliate program, you must first create an account.

Note: This is not the same as your Fiverr account that you use for selling or buying.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up:

Step 1: Go to Fiverr Affiliates Sign-up Page

The sign-up process for joining the Fiverr affiliate program is fairly straightforward and consists of only two steps. In the first step, simply fill in your details and click "Next."

Step 2: Tell us a Little About Yourself

This page will ask you two things:

  • How will you promote Fiverr services, and
  • Your audience interests

It doesn’t really matter what you choose, as you will not get any specific promotional material based on these options.

And lastly, agree to the terms and privacy policy and hit "Register Now."

Once you have finished the sign-up form, you can log in to your new Fiverr affiliate account.

The best part is that Fiverr does not have an approval process, and you can start promoting their services immediately.

While the platform is quite easy to navigate, you can check out this Fiverr’s affiliate guide for more information.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

The Fiverr affiliate program has a decent 30 days cookie duration with a last-click credit policy.

This means that if someone clicks on your Fiverr affiliate link but does not register and later clicks on someone else's affiliate link, you will not receive credit for that referral.

The 30 days cookie is just for the creation of a Fiverr account. 

For instance, if someone clicks on your link, creates a Fiverr account, and makes a purchase on Fiverr a few months later, you will still receive a commission.

What matters to Fiverr is that your referral is new to Fiverr. Fiverr refers to such buyers as First-Time-Buyers (FTB). 

However, the term "FTB" may be slightly confusing since Fiverr affiliates do not receive credit for referrals who have an existing Fiverr account but make their first order through your affiliate link.

You will simply not make any commission if your referral already has a Fiverr account

The good thing is that Fiverr affiliates are not restricted to just a few countries, as is often the case with other affiliate programs. Fiverr is available in 160 countries. Whether your referrals are from the US or from South Africa, you will earn a commission as long as they are new to Fiverr without an existing account. 

There are only a few countries in which Fiverr does not operate, like Sudan, Cuba, Iran, and Iraq. 

In 2022, Fiverr suspended business in Russia due to war. Russians currently can't buy or sell on Fiverr.

What Fiverr Services Can Fiverr Affiliate Promote?

Fiverr affiliates can promote more than just Fiverr gigs on the main marketplace.

You can also promote the following service:

Fiverr Learn

Fiverr has a platform for online courses where freelancers can learn new skills. Fiverr sellers who complete any course from Fiverr Learn receive a course badge on their Fiverr profile.

Fiverr Business

Fiverr Business is a buyer workplace that allows team collaboration. There can be u to 50 team members in one Fiverr Business account. The team members can create a list of freelancers and communicate with them more easily. Fiverr Business account also has access to the Fiverr Business marketplace that includes Fiverr’s top sellers. 

Fiverr Workspace

Fiverr Workspace (previously AND.CO) is a platform that helps freelancers and businesses with invoicing, time tracking, task management, and much more. Fiverr Workspaces syncs with Fiverr sellers' profiles. Nevertheless, anyone can join Fiverr Workspaces. It is not limited to just Fiverr sellers. 

Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr Logo Maker is an AI-powered platform that enables fast logo creation. With the Logo Maker tools, buyers have greater control over the design process of their logos. 

Fiverr Affiliates

The Fiverr affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for recruiting Fiverr affiliates. 

Fiverr Affiliate Program Commission

What is the Fiverr affiliate program commission? It depends on what Fiverr service you promote and the type of commission plan you choose.

Types of Commission Plans

Fiverr affiliates can choose between two types of commission plans when promoting Fiverr gigs on Fiverr and Fiverr Pro marketplaces.

CPA Commission

Standard cost-per-action (CPA) commission ranges from $15 to $150, depending on the service category.

To view the up-to-date commission list, click here

Currently, the highest $150 commission is for all Fiverr Pro services. Fiverr Pro marketplace lists only sellers that were manually vetted by Fiverr. The prices for Fiverr Pro services are higher. I am a Pro Fiverr seller and cannot charge less than $100 for my gigs.  

The second-highest Fiverr commission is $50 and currently applies to the following categories: Industrial and Product Design, Data Science, Mobile Apps, and Website Development.

Hybrid Commission

You get $10 CPA + a 10% revenue share for a period of 12 months. Therefore, if your referral ordered multiple services over the 12 months, you would get a 10% commission from each order. 

Fiverr Learn

You receive a 30% commission from every course order. Most courses cost around $30-60, so you will earn around $9-18 for each referral. 

Fiverr Business

To receive a commission, your referral has to create a Fiverr Business account and spend at least $100. The commission is $100 + a 10% revenue share for a period of 12 months

Fiver Workspaces

You receive a 50% commission from every Unlimited plan. The unlimited plan costs $24 a month or $216 a year, so your commission can be $12 or $108. 

Fiverr Logo Maker

You receive a $30 CPA from every Logo Maker order. 

Fiverr Affiliates 

You receive 10% of every referred affiliate’s earnings for a lifetime. 

Fiverr has a nice reporting interface to easily evaluate the performance of your Fiverr affiliate links. 

How Does Fiverr Pay Affiliate Commissions?

Fiverr has an in-house affiliate program and pays commissions to Fiverr affiliates directly from their platform.

Currently, there are three types of payment methods available:

  • Wire transfer: if your commissions are more than $1,000
  • PayPal: if your commissions are under $1,000
  • Payoneer: if your commissions are under $1,000

Fiverr affiliates get paid once a month for all verified referrals. 

Fiverr first checks that there was no fraudulent activity or violations of their terms. 

You can expect to receive your commission in 30 days. For example, if you get a referral at the beginning of November, you can expect to receive a commission at the beginning of December. 

The Fiverr Affiliate program has a payout threshold of $100. You will not be paid until you earn more than $100. 

You can choose to get paid in USD, EUR, or GBP

However, the commission is always derived from its USD value. You will lose some money on conversions if you decide to get paid in EUR or GBP. 

If you decide to get paid through Payoneer, you will have to receive your Fiverr commission in USD as payments in EUR or GBP are not supported. 

What Marketing Tools Can Fiverr Affiliates Use?

The Fiverr Affiliate program provides affiliates with various tools. A lot of the assets have different language variations. 


You can choose banners of different sizes. Fiverr has close to 4.000 banners to choose from. A lot of the banners are also available in GIF formats. There are also rotating banners.


Besides pictures, the Fiverr affiliate program also provides videos you can use. There are currently around 50 videos. 


Not a very common asset for affiliates. Fiverr allows you to choose among 30 short e-books that you can use for promotions. 

Gig Widget 

This is a really cool asset. Fiverr allows you to show gigs that meet certain criteria. For example, you could create a widget that only shows website development gigs costing between $100 and $ 200. 

You can even select a specific gig. 

Search Box Widget

Another cool custom asset that allows you to place a search widget on your website. You can see an example below. 

Deep Links

You can create an affiliate link to any service on Fiverr you like. Based on reviews, some Fiverr affiliates have problems creating deep links, and it can indeed be a little confusing. 

You can watch this video from Fiverr below that shows how to create a deep link step-by-step. 

Deep Links With Dynamic Parameters

Fiverr allows you to add dynamic parameters to your affiliate links. Adding dynamic parameters to your links allows you to traffic the performance of your links better. 

For example, imagine you would have the same affiliate link multiple times on one page. If you added a parameter to each, you could see how many clicks each link gets. This way, you can more easily evaluate what's working and what's not. 

Or imagine you had multiple websites. If you used the same affiliate links on all of them, you would not know which websites were generating clicks and which did not. 

I highly recommend learning how to use parameters. 

How to Make Money With the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

How should you promote the Fiverr affiliate program and make decent money?

Below, I list some ideas on how you could approach promoting Fiverr. 

Create Guides

Create a guide around your niche and recommend services on Fiverr for each step of your guide.

Let’s say you have a website about blogging. You could write an ultimate guide about starting a blog on WordPress and link to WordPress and logo gigs on Fiverr. You can combine this with an affiliate link to your favorite hosting

Guides are great as you can link to various different services in one piece of content. 

Nevertheless, you have to be strategic about the topic. If you wrote an article on how to start a blog on WordPress, you would not get any traffic as it is a very competitive keyword. 

You can use a free keyword research tool like Ubersuggest to find keywords with low competition and then use Surfer to write optimized content around that keyword. 

Fiverr Reviews

You will only receive a commission with the Fiverr affiliate program if your referral is completely new to Fiverr and does not have an account.

People who search for Fiverr-related reviews will most likely not have any experience with Fiverr, so there is a higher chance that clicks on your links result in commissions. 

For example, you can make a comparison of freelance marketplaces. 

Facebook Groups, Quora, Forum

You would be surprised how many people don’t know they can get various things done on Fiver for a very reasonable price. 

For example, I have seen many people in Facebook groups asking for tips on launching a blog on a very limited budget. You would just link to cheap WordPress gigs on Fiverr and make easy commissions. 

Remember to always provide value with your answers, don’t just spam your affiliate links everywhere, or you will be banned from the group. Or you can create your own Facebook group or buy an existing one

However, I would advise against putting too much effort into promoting Fiverr this way, as the conversion rate tends to be lower.

Fiverr Referral Program

Besides the Fiverr affiliate program, there is also the Fiverr referral program. 

The Fiverr referral program is accessed from a Fiverr profile. Both Fiverr buyers and Fiverr sellers can earn money with the referral program. 

To access the Fiverr referral program page, click on your profile picture and click on "Refer a Friend."

The most important thing you need to know about the Fiverr referral program is that you don’t earn commission as you do in the Fiverr affiliate program, but you only receive Fiverr credits ($500 is the max overall amount you can earn).

If someone buys from your referral link, you get a 10% discount on their first order amount on your next Fiverr order (capped at $100). The person who purchases through your referral link also gets a 10% discount. Like in the Fiverr affiliate program, your referral must be a first-time buyer without a Fiverr account.

You will not make any money with the Fiverr referral program, but you can save up to $500 on your purchases on Fiverr. 

Fiverr Affiliate Program Pros & Cons

Should you become a Fiverr affiliate? Here is a quick overview of all the pros and cons of the Fiverr affiliate program.


  • Anyone can become a Fiverr affiliate. You don't even need to have a website, even though it is highly recommended you have one 
  • You will receive a commission if your referral clicks on your Fiverr affiliate links and creates an account within 30 days, regardless of whether they make a purchase months later
  • High commission. You can earn $150 for Fiverr Pro referrals 
  • Many banners, videos, and widgets to choose from
  • You can promote services in more than 300 categories
  • The Fiverr affiliate program has good support. They always reply fast
  • The demand for freelancing work is increasing every year


  • Fiverr affiliates get a commission for first-time buyers only. Fiverr is well-known and popular, so many clicks on your affiliate link will not result in any commission. 
  • Although the commission of $150 for Pro services is high, Pro services can cost thousands of dollars and you would always receive just $150
  • If you earn more than $1.000 a month, you cannot withdraw with PayPal or Payoneer  
  • Creating deep links could have been more intuitive

Should You Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Becoming a Fiverr affiliate has a lot of earning potential. 

The Fiverr affiliate program has high commissions and a long cookie duration

It is clear that affiliate marketing is important for Fiverr as they have a very robust in-house affiliate program. Their program has everything to make your life easier, and their support is also great. 

Since the Fiverr marketplace has so many various services, pretty much anyone can become a Fiverr affiliate.

You don’t even have to go through any application process. Your application is automatically accepted, and you can promote Fiverr right away. 

The primary con of the program is that affiliates do not receive any commission for existing Fiverr customers. Regardless of whether they have made a purchase, anyone with a Fiverr profile is considered an existing customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Fiverr have an affiliate program?
Yes, Fiverr has an affiliate program. You can promote these Fiverr services: Fiverr, Fiverr Business, Fiverr Pro, Learn from Fiverr, and Fiverr Workspaces.
2How to join the Fiverr affiliate program?
Fiverr has an in-house affiliate program. You can join it here.
3Is the Fiverr affiliate program free?
Yes, it is free to join the program. Anyone can become a Fiverr affiliate.
4Is Fiverr affiliale legit?
Yes, Fiverr is one of the biggest freelancer marketplaces in the world. Fiverr and its affiliate program are legit.
5Does the Fiverr affiliate program have any requirements?
No, the program does not have any requirements. For example, you don’t need to have a website or a certain amount of traffic to join the program, as it is often required by other affiliate programs.
6What is the Fiverr affiliate program cookie length?
You get a commission if someone clicks on your affiliate link, creates a new Fiverr account within 30 days + buys something on Fiverr. There is no time limit for the purchase. The purchase can happen months later, and you still earn a commission.
7What is the Fiverr affiliate program commission?

You can choose between two types of commission plans.

CPA Commission
Depending on the service category, you can earn between $15 to $150.

Hybrid Commission
$10 + a 10% revenue share for 12 months

Fiverr Learn

Fiverr Business
$100 + a 10% revenue share for 12 months

Fiver Workspaces

Fiverr Affiliates
10% of every referred affiliate’s earnings for a lifetime

8How to promote the Fiverr affiliate program?
Even though you don’t need a website to become a Fiverr affiliate, it is highly recommended to have one. You can include Fiverr affiliate links, banners, and widgets in your articles. Do proper keyword research first to find keywords with lower difficulty and decent search volume.
9What are the Fiverr affiliate program payment methods?
If your commission is lower than $1.000, you can withdraw it with PayPal or Payoneer. You can only withdraw through wire transfer if it is larger than $1.000.
10Does Fiverr have a referral program?
Yes, Fiverr has a referral program. However, you don’t earn an affiliate commission with the referral program like in the Fiverr affiliate program. You only receive a discount on your next Fiverr order.

Affiliate Marketing Decoded:

Make Your First $1,000/Month With Affiliate Marketing

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