Lego Affiliate Program (2024)

Lego, a beloved household name, has been capturing the imaginations of children and adults for decades.

Founded in 1932 in Denmark, the name "Lego" is derived from the Danish phrase "leg godt," which means "play well." Initially, the company produced wooden toys, but it eventually transitioned to plastic interlocking bricks, which would become the iconic Lego building blocks we know today.

Does Lego have an affiliate program? Yes, Lego has an affiliate program that anyone can join.

This review will teach you how to become a Lego affiliate and provide you with all the information you need about the program.

Lego Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: 2.4 - 5%
Cookie Duration: 7-day
Where to Join: Rakuten Advertising, Flexoffers
Payment Options: PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer

Lego Affiliate Program

The Lego affiliate program can be joined through the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network

Lego has an affiliate landing page on its official website, but it only includes generic information and links to Rakuten. 

To be able to join Rakuten and thus to be able to become a Lego affiliate, you need a website. 

The Lego affiliate program does not specify any specific requirements for joining, but obviously, your website should be somehow related audience.

For instance, you're less likely to be accepted if you have a fitness blog. Conversely, a blog centered around parenting and kids is more likely to get accepted. 

At present, Rakuten hosts three distinct Lego affiliate programs:

One for the USA, another for Canada, and a third for the UK.

By enrolling in the US program, you'll receive commissions solely for sales originating from the US.

You are not limited to joining just one program and can apply to all of them. 

The US and Canada programs feature a shorter 7-day cookie duration, whereas the UK program offers a more generous 30-day duration.

Note: Lego now offers an affiliate program on FlexOffers as well. Nevertheless,  this program offers a lower commission rate (2.4%). Therefore, joining the Rakuten program is advisable.

Lego Affiliate Program Commission

The Lego affiliate program commission varies depending on which program you join.

For the US or Canada program, the commission is 3%.

For the UK program, the commission is 5%.

As a result, if you have a UK-based audience, you benefit from both a longer cookie duration and a higher commission rate.

Can You Make $1,000 a Month as a Lego Affiliate?

The Price of Lego products ranges widely; you can find affordable sets for less than $50 and elaborate sets that cost a few hundred dollars. 

Most of your referrals will probably buy cheaper sets, but some will definitely buy more expensive pieces. 

Let's do a hypothetical example, assuming that the average selling price will be $100 and your audience is based in the USA. 

How many sets would a Lego affiliate need to sell to make $1,000?

A $100 sale would make a $5 commission. 

To earn $1,000, a Lego affiliate would have to generate 200 sales. 

Let's also assume that you have a targeted audience due to having a website in a toy niche and thus have a high 2% conversion rate. 

To generate 200 sales with this conversion rate, your content with Lego affiliate links would have to be viewed by 10,000 people. 

How to Promote Lego 

There are a lot of ways how to promote Lego.

One that immediately comes to mind is starting a blog and targeting a toy niche. 

Since Lego is primarily purchased by parents, you could feature informative articles about parenting alongside transactional content related to toys.

Many affiliates make the mistake of only publishing transactional content. If you launch a toy blog and solely publish toy reviews, your blog might receive minimal traffic.

Why? Because competitive transactional keywords like "best Lego sets" are challenging to rank for. Moreover, targeting long-tail keywords specific to certain Lego products could result in minimal or no traffic, except for a few best-selling Lego sets.

Therefore, it's crucial not to overlook publishing informational content relevant to your target audience. At first, focus on informational content as it's easier to rank for and helps establish topical authority quickly.

If Google sees you as an authority on topics related to toys and parenting, it will be easier for you to rank for transactional keywords. 

When promoting Lego, remember that Lego isn't only purchased by children; adults are also avid buyers. Lego sets designed for adults tend to be more expensive, leading to higher commissions. The optimal approach involves experimenting with promoting both children's and adult's sets to determine which performs better.

However, just because something offers a higher commission doesn't necessarily mean it should be your sole focus. While pricier items might yield greater commissions, their conversion rates could be lower, resulting in fewer overall sales. As such, concentrating exclusively on adult Lego sets might not necessarily be more profitable. Affiliate marketing relies on testing. You'll only find out by trying and seeing what your blog audience likes.

If you want to become a Lego affiliate but don’t want to start a blog, you could start a YouTube channel. 

Video Lego reviews are great as the viewer can get a better idea of the Lego set than from reading an article. 

However, making Lego videos is not easy as you have to purchase the product to properly review it, and you should also build the set yourself. 

Unless you are a Lego enthusiast that regularly buys and builds Lego, starting a YouTube channel is not for you. 

Another increasingly popular way to promote Lego is through creative building challenges or contests on social media.

I have seen Instagram influencers building their entire accounts around Lego. 

They would include an affiliate link to the Lego product that they recently posted about. 

Instagram allows you to have just one link in your bio. However, you can use a link aggregator like Linktree and, through it link to multiple products. 

Promoting Lego with Amazon Associates 

When you become a Lego affiliate through Rakuten, you earn commission only through the official Lego website ( 

Obviously, people can buy Lego sets from other places, including Amazon. Lego sets on Amazon mostly sell at the same prices as the official Lego store. 

If you promote Lego through Amazon Associates, you earn a 3% commission, so there is no difference if you intend to promote Lego to a US-based audience. 

However, the difference is the cookie duration. While you get a 7-day cookie duration with Rakuten, you only get a 24-hour cookie with Amazon Associates (90 if a person adds the product to their cart). 

So, through side-by-side comparison, Rakuten has an edge. 

Nevertheless, I would still recommend becoming a Lego affiliate through both Rakuten and Amazon Associates. 

Even though the conditions at Rakuten are better, Amazon Lego affiliate links might generate more sales.

There are 150 million Amazon Prime Members in the US who prefer to shop on Amazon for free shipping. 

They will have to pay for the delivery if they purchase a Lego set through the official Lego store. 

Once again, the best you can do is test both programs and decide which one you should focus on based on the results. 

Summary: Pros & Cons

So, is the Lego affiliate program worth it? Below is a brief overview that highlights the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • Reputable Brand
  • Wide variety of Lego sets you can promote
  • Unlike many toy affiliate programs, Lego products are suitable for both children and adults
  • Decent cookie duration in comaparision to promoting Lego through Amazon Associates


  • 3-5% commission is relatively low
  • Commissions are only available for sales within the US, Canada, and the UK(
  • The division into three affiliate programs could pose challenges for affiliates with traffic from all these countries. While you can join all three programs, there's a need to make strategic decisions about which affiliate link to use. For instance, using an affiliate link from the US program when a Canadian makes a purchase through it results in no commission being earned.

Should You Become a Lego Affiliate?

Lego is widely popular, and there is no sign this should change in the near future. 

The Lego affiliate program is a great opportunity for all affiliates that are in a toy or other relevant niches. 

Even though the commission is not the highest, it is standard for the toy niche. 

If you don't want to earn just a few dollars per sale, then you cannot promote physical products like Lego.

You would have to promote digital products that, in general, enjoy higher commissions.

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