Linktree Affiliate Program (2024)

Linktree is a tool that allows users to create a single, customizable link that directs to a page displaying multiple links to various websites or content, simplifying link sharing on social media like TikTok. This is especially useful for affiliate marketers and content creators who want to efficiently promote multiple products.

Does Linktree have an affiliate program? Unfortunately, Linktree does not have one.

As an alternative to Linktree, you can check the TapBio affiliate program, which offers similar services. However, please note that it primarily focuses on Instagram. As of spring 2022, Instagram allows up to 5 links in the bio, so I would not recommend joining the program. 

Another alternative is Beacons, which is a considerably larger platform than TapBio and offers a range of services, not limited to just a customizable link landing page.

You can join their affiliate program and earn a lifetime 25% commission on referrals.

Their most popular plan costs $30 per month, allowing you to earn $7.5 every month as long as your referral remains subscribed.

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