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Lowe’s Affiliate Program (2024)

Lowe's is a leading home improvement retail company in the USA. Allegedly it is the world's second-largest home-improvement retailer by net sales, falling behind just Home Depot. 

They have over 1,700 stores in the USA and close to 300  in Canada. In each store, customers can buy staggering 40,000 products.

 By joining the Lowe's affiliate program, you can promote over 2 million products listed on their online store

In this review, you will learn all the important things about the program. 

Lowe's Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: 2%
Cookie Duration: 1 day
Where to Join: CJ Affiliate
Payment Options: Payoneer, Electronic Funds Transfer

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Lowe's Affiliate Program

The Lowe's affiliate program can be joined through the CJ affiliate network here

Unfortunately, Lowe's currently does not have a US affiliate program. The only one that you can join now is the Canadian one. 

There used to be a US affiliate program, but whether it will return is unknown. 

It is also important to note that Lowe's sold its Canadian stores and that they are being rebranded to RONA. 

If you search for RONA on CJ Affiliate, you will find an affiliate program with the same commission and terms. 

It does not matter which affiliate program you choose. They are both functional. 

Nevertheless, I would recommend joining the RONA affiliate program. It can happen that when the rebranding is finished, the Canadian Lowe's affiliate program will be taken down. 

Neither program mentions joining requirements. 

The cookie duration is just 1 day. It is a very short duration but nothing unusual for a retail affiliate program. 

For example, the Home Depot affiliate program has a cookie duration that is just as short. 

Lowe's Affiliate Program Commission

The commission rate for the Lowe's affiliate program is set at 2%.

Unlike the Home Depot affiliate program, one commission applies to all categories.

Home Depot has a default 1% commission for all categories, except for the home décor category, which has a significantly higher 8%.

Lowe's 2% might not seem like much, but if you promote more expensive Lowe's products, it can make up a bigger commission.

Can You Make $1,000 a Month as a Lowe's Affiliate?

Lowe's affiliates can promote around 2 million products, so it’s hard to calculate how much you can earn.

If you promote more expensive products, you will earn a bigger commission, but you will make fewer sales. The conversion rate on pricey products is obviously always lower than on cheaper products. 

It's all a matter of testing. I recommend promoting the same product at various price points (if it has variations) to determine which price point resonates best with your target audience.

Let’s do a quick, simplified hypothetical example for selling a single Lowe's product worth $300. 

Your commission from this product would be just $3. 

$300 is a lower price point for a home improvement product, so it should not be hard to get a 1% conversion rate (if you have a target audience). 

To earn $1,000, you would need to generate around 333 sales of this product. 

With a 1% conversion rate, you would need around 33,300 traffic to generate that amount of sales. 

How to Promote Lowe’s

It goes without saying that you should preferably be in the home improvement niche.

The Lowes affiliate commission is pretty low, so you must generate more sales.

I would approach promoting Lowes by choosing one category and trying to achieve topical authority by targeting all related keywords for that category.

Let’s say that I chose the "Lawn & Garden" category. First, I would do keyword research for related informational keywords.

By informational keywords, I mean keywords that don't have a purchase intent.

People search for these keywords because they are looking for information. They want to learn something.

For example, "Tips for Mowing Your Garden in the Autumn."

In general, informational keywords are less competitive and easier to rank for, so it's best to start with them if you start a brand-new blog.

After writing a couple of long informational articles (how many depends on how competitive your niche is), I would also start adding some transactional articles.

Transactional articles target keywords with purchase intent. When people search these keywords, they are planning to buy.

They often include the word "review" or the name of the product and some superlatives like "top" or "best." For example, "Best Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens," "Best Lawn Mower Reviews 2024," etc.

When people search for reviews, they are ready to buy and only need to decide which product is the best for them.

Transactional keywords are unsurprisingly more competitive and harder to rank for as those keywords generate sales.

Many starting affiliates make the mistake of starting a new blog and immediately targeting these competitive transactional keywords.

If you start a new blog and your first article is "Best Lawn Mower Reviews 2024", you will not get a single sale as nobody will ever find your article on Google.

Summary: Pros & Cons

Here is a brief overview that highlights the main advantages and disadvantages of the Lowe's affiliate program.


  • A lot of products you can promote
  • A well-known and reputable brand in the home improvement industry


  • Low 2% commission
  • Short 1 day cookie duration
  • Currently you can only promote the Canadian affiliate program

Should You Become a Lowe's Affiliate?

Since you are reading this review, you are probably in the home-improvement niche and looking for ways to monetize your content. 

Lowe's is a well-known brand in the improvement industry. However, its primary market is the USA, and Lowe's affiliate program only lets you promote products from the Canadian online store. 

The 2% commission is pretty low, and the 1-day cookie duration is short. 

If you are in the home improvement niche and have most of the traffic from Canada, I recommend giving this affiliate program a shot.

Not because the program is good but because you don’t have many options. 

If most of your traffic is from the USA, then Lowe's is currently not for you, and I recommend trying the Home Depot affiliate program instead. 

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