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Shein Affiliate Program (2024)

Shein is a fashion retailer that primarily targets the US market but ships products to more than 150 countries. 

As the name suggests, Shein started as a women's clothing store, but they expanded and now also offer clothes to men and children. 

Nevertheless, it’s unsurprising that the Shein is still primarily popular among women. 

If your audience consists primarily of women, then the Shain affiliate program might be a great opportunity for you. 

This review will teach you all you need to know about becoming a Shein affiliate. 

Shein Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: 10-20%
Cookie Duration: 30-day
Where to Join: In-house affiliate program
Payment Options: PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer

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Shein Affiliate Program

The Shein affiliate program can be joined through the Shein official website

It is possible to join the Shein affiliate program through various affiliate networks, but it seems Shein is gradually leaving the affiliate networks. 

On Awin, it says that Shein's account is inactive. The Shein affiliate program can still be found on CJ Affiliate but does not accept new affiliates.

"Thank you for your interest in the SHEIN affiliate program. We appreciate your time spent exploring the opportunity. Unfortunately, we are not accepting new affiliates into the program at this time. Feel free to check back at a later date when there may be some openings."

Currently, it is still possible to join the program through ShareASale and Ascend, but I would recommend joining the in-house affiliate program. 

They do not mention joining requirements on their website, but you must select your promotional channel and traffic/number of followers in the application.

You don’t need to have a website to become a Shein affiliate. You can promote Shein products via social media, YouTube, or other channels. 

The program has 30 days cookie duration, which is decent for clothes retailers.

For example, if you promoted clothes on Amazon, you would only get 24 hours of cookie duration.

As a Shein affiliate, you will get informed about upcoming promos via newsletter. 

Shein Affiliate Program Commission

Shein affiliate commission ranges between 10-20%.

10% is the default commission, while 20% is only for a few selected products/promotions.  

The commission is the same for all products regardless of the product category. The commission is the same whether you promote women's, men's, or kids' clothes. 

If you join the program through ShareASale or Ascend, you will be unable to get the higher 20% commission. 

Can You Make $1,000 a Month as a Shein Affiliate?

Shein is an inexpensive clothes retailer. 

10% commission might seem like a lot, but given the low prices, it will result only in a few dollars in commissions

Let's say you promote a dress that costs $20. 

Your commission would be just $2. 

You would have to make 500 sales to earn $1,000. 

With a 1% conversion rate, you would need 50,000 traffic. 

The Shein products are very cheap, so you might get a higher conversion rate if you have targeted traffic. 

But even if you had a 2% conversion rate, you would still need 25,000 traffic which is a lot. 

How to Promote Shein

Even though Shein is not just a women's clothing store, the vast majority of Shein customers are women.

Therefore not surprisingly, the Shein affiliate program is mainly popular among women fashion or lifestyle bloggers and influencers. 

Shien sells cheap Chinese products, so you can’t focus on targeting any specific clothing brand. 

Instead, you will have to target more generic keywords like "cheap summer dresses." 

Generic clothing-related keywords are very competitive, so be sure to conduct proper keyword research

If you are an influencer with a lot of followers, promoting Shein is a lot easier. 

You can do "try on hauls," "Shein online vs. reality" posts/videos, etc. 

Clothing content on social media gets more engagement than blog posts. 

Buying clothes is a lot about visuals; thus, social media and YouTube are perfect for visual content and clothes promotions. 

Summary: Pros & Cons

Here is a brief overview that outlines the main pros and cons of the Shein affiliate program.


  • A trending brand
  • Global audience (ships to 150 countires)
  • 30-day cookie duration is decent for a retail affiliate program
  • Wide product selection


  • Low commission (Shein sells cheap products, so a 10% commission is relatively small)
  • Quality of the products is not the highest
  • Customers can experience longer shipping times

Should You Become a Shein Affiliate?

Shein is a popular clothing retailer that has built its brand around affordable prices. 

The low prices of Shein’s products mean low commissions for Shein Affiliates. 

You can make a lot of money with the Shein affiliate program, but you will generate a larger number of sales.

I would recommend joining the program if you are a fashion/lifestyle influencer with an audience on Instagram or YouTube

If you are planning to focus on website traffic, it will be tough to achieve the needed amount of targeted traffic as the competition is high.

I am not saying that social media or YouTube are not competitive in the fashion niche. It’s very competitive. 

Nevertheless, if you manage to build a personal brand and people follow you for your unique style and fashion sense, you can leverage your influence to drive conversions which is easier than trying to rank competitive fashion-related keywords on Google. 

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