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TubeBuddy Affiliate: How to Make $1,000 a Month? (2024)

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that helps YouTubers grow their YouTube channels.

The extension has various tools that help you with SEO, analyzing the growth of your channel and productivity.

The majority of YouTubers get TubeBuddy for its SEO features.

When you have a website/blog, you need an SEO tool to analyze keywords and your competitors.

The same applies to a YouTube channel. You don't want to spend hours shooting a video that nobody will ever see.

Therefore, becoming a TubeBuddy affiliate has excellent potential, as any YouTuber can benefit from its tools.

TubeBuddy Affiliate

The TubeBuddy affiliate program is self-hosted, and you can join it through the TubeBuddy affiliate sign-up page.

There are no requirements to join the program. All you have to do is create a TubeBuddy account that will be automatically approved.

Once you are in your account, TubeBuddy will ask you to create your affiliate code which can be anything. People usually use their blog or YouTube channel names.

Then, you just need to enter your PayPal e-mail. TubeBuddy affiliate program allows withdrawing your commission only to your PayPal account.

After that, you can start promoting. It is effortless to become a TubeBuddy affiliate.

You can access the TubeBuddy affiliate forum from your account, where you can ask questions and interact with other TubeBuddy affiliates. At the top of the forum, you will see sticky threads with some helpful information like how to give your audience a 30-day free trial.

You can do so by adding your affiliate code to the end of this URL:

If your affiliate code was "kategreen" then your free trial link would look like this: kategreen

Besides the affiliate forum, you can also download the TubeBuddy affiliate handbook from your affiliate dashboard. The handbook includes all the information about the program and provides you with tips and tricks.

TubeBuddy also gives you various banners that you can use.

There is no mention of how long the referral window is, but I reached out to the TubeBuddy support, and they replied the following:

"The cookie we set expires 10 years after the initial visit."

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program Commission

As a TubeBuddy affiliate, you earn a 30% recurring commission. The commission used to be 50%, but it was reduced to just 30% on April 1st, 2022.

Besides earning commission, you also earn rewards based on the number of installs you generate through your affiliate links.

When you join the TubeBuddy affiliate program, you will be a "Standard Affiliate."

Once you reach 50 installs, you will be a "VIP Affiliate" and get a free one year of TubeBuddy Star License for one channel.

Once you reach 250 installs, you will be a "Super Affiliate" and get a free one year of TubeBuddy Legend License for one channel.

If you have a YouTube channel, this extra benefit is great. Since you only need to generate installs and not sales, becoming a VIP or Super Affiliate is relatively easy. Your referrals only need to install the free browser extension.

As a VIP and Super Affiliate, you will also have no minimum payout. However, as a Standard Affiliate, the minimum payout is just $10, so not a significant benefit.

TubeBuddy affiliates receive their commission between the 1st - 15th of each month. Since TubeBuddy has a 30-day money-back guarantee, affiliates don't get paid until the guarantee period ends.

Can You Make $1000 a Month as a TubeBuddy Affiliate?

TubeBuddy has three plans, Pro, Star, and Legend plan.

People can either subscribe for just a month or a whole year. On the one-year plan, customers save 20%.

First, let's break down how much you would earn if people subscribed to the yearly plan.

For referrals to the Pro plan, you would earn around $9.5, for the Star plan around $30.1, and for the highest Legend plan $77.6.

You would obviously earn much less if your referral only opted in for a month. You would earn $0.99 for referrals to the Pro plan, $3.13 for the Star plan, and $8 for the Legend plan.

Let's assume that your content with your TubeBuddy affiliate link will have 1% conversion and that, on average, you would be earning $9.5 (your referrals would have to primarily opt-in to the yearly plan).

In this more optimistic example, you need around 105 referrals to make $1000. So with the conversion of 1%, you would need to have traffic of 10,500.

Now let's break down a more pessimistic example. This time you would be earning, on average, just $3, and so to make $1,000, you would need to have around 333 referrals. So to get 333 referrals with the same 1% conversion, you need around 33300 traffic.

How to Make Money as a TubeBuddy Affiliate

The best way how to promote TubeBuddy is through YouTube. TubeBuddy provides tools for Youtubers, and many of them will use YouTube to find tips on growing their channels.

According to TubeBuddy, affiliates have the biggest success with sharing stories of how the tools have impacted their channel and workflow. YouTubers talk about the TubeBuddy tools and show their audience how they work. The affiliate links are placed in a video's description.

However, if you don't have a YouTube channel, it does not mean you cannot have success with the TubeBuddy affiliate program. You can write blog posts related to growing YouTube, comparing TubeBuddy to other tools, etc.

TubeBuddy Alternative - VidIQ Affiliate Program

The biggest TubeBuddy competitor is VidIQ. VidIQ offers very similar features, but it is a bit more expensive.

The vidIQ affiliate program is also very similar. It is also easy to join the program as your application gets auto-approved.

VidIQ affiliates also get a recurring commission, but lower.

Just like TubeBuddy, VidIQ also has three affiliate levels. The commission differs based on the level you are at:

Associate 0-10 Sales 15%
Influencer 11-50 Sales 20%
Ambassador 51+ Sales 25%

As you can see, even if you were on the highest level, the commission would still be lower than TubeBuddy's 30%. However, since VidIQ is more expensive, your commission with VidIQ will be very similar to the one you get with TubeBuddy.

Should You Join the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program?

I have a good impression of the TubeBuddy affiliate program.

Anyone can quickly join the program without any application process. In addition, TubeBuddy seems to care about its affiliate program a lot, as it provides affiliates with many useful things, which is something I rarely see.

The recurring commission of 30% is relatively high, even though it used to be 50%. One can only hope that they will not lower the commission even more in the future.

I think it is worth becoming a TubeBuddy affiliate and giving this affiliate program a try, especially if you have a YouTube channel.

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