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Wise Affiliate & Referral Program (2024)

Wise (in 2021 rebranded from TransferWise) specializes in international money transfers, offering highly competitive exchange rates and ensuring complete transparency in its fee structure.

Wise operates on a peer-to-peer model, matching users who want to send money from one country to another with those who want to send money in the opposite direction. This innovative approach allows for lower costs and more efficient transfers.

Another advantage of Wise is the possibility of having a multi-currency account linked to a Wise debit card. 

Wise has many other benefits, but that’s not what this review is about. 

In this review, you will learn everything about the Wise affiliate program and Wise referral program. 

Wise Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: £10 ($13) & £50 ($64)
Cookie Duration: 1 year
Where to Join: Partnerize
Payment Options: PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer

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Wise Affiliate Program

The Wise affiliate program is hosted on the Partnerize affiliate network, and you can join it here

The program is not limited to certain countries. You earn commission regardless of your referral location. 

However, Wise does not support all countries and currencies, so you should only promote Wise in countries where people can take advantage of all Wise benefits. 

Here you can find a list of countries that are not allowed to open a Wise balance in any currency. 

And here, you can check a list of currencies that one can send to and from. 

The program has an amazing 1-year cookie duration. It is rare to see an affiliate program with such a long referral window. 

Wise affiliates are allowed to promote the product by writing articles, but also with YouTube videos and social media (not all affiliate programs allow promotion on social media). 

Wise Affiliate Program Commission

Wise affiliate program commission depends on whether your referral signs up for the Wise personal or business account. 

For sign-ups for the personal account, you receive £10 ($13). 

For sign-ups for the business account, you receive £50 ($64). 

To earn a commission, your referrals must not only create a new Wise account but also complete a cross-currency transaction. This includes money transfers and debit card conversions.

What’s great is that Wise does not have any cookie window for the first transaction.

Your referral has to sign up for Wise within 1 year of clicking on your affiliate link, but then there is unlimited time for the first transaction. 

Wise pays commissions at the beginning of each month, ensuring that you receive payment approximately every 30 days. This is another advantage of the Wise affiliate program. Unlike many other affiliate programs where payments may take 60-90 days, with Wise, you receive your commissions much faster due to the nature of their services. Since Wise transactions are non-refundable, you can enjoy quicker commission payouts.

Can You Make $1,000 a Month as a Wise Affiliate?

How many sign-ups would you have to get to earn $1,000?

Let’s do a hypothetical example for the personal account sign-ups (the vast majority of your sign-ups will be for personal accounts).

With a commission of £10 which is around $13, you would need to get 77 sign-ups. 

If we assume your content with affiliate links gets the standard 1% conversion, you would need to drive 7,700 people to your content. 

7,700 is not that much. Moreover, you could have a higher conversion if you have a very targeted audience. 

In my personal experience, services like Wise convert pretty well. 

For most affiliate programs, your referrals must pay for a product or subscription. 

But your Wise referrals don't have to pay anything. Creating a Wise account is completely free. Furthermore, your referrals save money on transaction fees. 

Wise Referral Program

Wise has not just an affiliate program but also a referral program. 

You don't need to apply to it. All you need is a Wise account. 

From your account, click "Earn" from the menu on the left. 

The reward you can get varies based on your location. In the screenshot above, you can see that I could get 1,500 CZK (Czech Koruna) as I am from the Czech Republic. 

If you are from the UK, you can get £75 (at the moment of writing this review, £75 is around 2,000 CZK). If anyone from the US with a Wise account is reading this, please let me know in the comments what reward you see in your account. 

Please note that you can only refer up to 3 friends/family members and receive the reward once you get all three referrals. If you get two, you receive nothing until you get the last one. 

Similarly to the affiliate program, your referral needs to sign up for a new account and also make a first transfer - a transfer of more than £200 (this amount can also vary depending on your location. You can see in the screenshot above that for my account, it is 6,000 CZK which does not equal £200). 

Wise waives the fee on up to £500 of your referral's first transfer, which is a nice incentive. 

Wise prohibits sharing your invite link publicly. If you want to promote Wise publicly, you should join the Wise affiliate program. 

Should You Join the Wise Affiliate or Referral Program?

Wise's ability to simplify the process of sending money across borders has contributed to its rapidly growing popularity.

Wise has much better fees than PayPal, which is the main selling point. And it is enough. 

Personally, I use Wise a lot more than PayPal, as it saves me a lot of money on international transfers. 

Wise is a service that can benefit many people, making the Wise affiliate program suitable for affiliates with various audiences

The program has a very long 1-year cookie duration, and the commission is also decent. 

The Wise referral program is also very good in comparison with the PayPal referral program

Unlike PayPal, Wise will send you money you can use for anything. The PayPal referral rewards are basically vouchers that you have to use for PayPal purchases. 

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