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Wish Affiliate Program (2024)

Wish is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in the USA by sales, and not surprisingly it has its own affiliate program.

In this review, you will learn all the important information about the Wish affiliate program so you can decide if it is worth your time.

Wish Affiliate Program

If you have a Wish account, don´t try to find a sign-up page for their affiliate program as you will not find one.

The only way to join the Wish affiliate program is through either the Impact or FlexOffers affiliate networks. I recommend applying to the program through Impact as their commission is slightly higher. If you don´t get accepted there, don´t worry as FlexOffers will most likely not turn your application down. They are a lot less picky about who they let join affiliate programs on their network.

Cookie duration is just 24 hours, which is not much, but a short referral window is common among e-commerce affiliate programs. Amazon Associates also has just 24 hours. Walmart affiliate program does a little better with a 3-day referral window.

The payout threshold is $10, and you get paid after 30 days. You can withdraw through PayPal or bank transfer. The Wish affiliate program has a last click credit policy, which means that if a buyer clicks on more than one affiliate link, the last one from which the purchase has been made is credited for the referral.

Wish Affiliate Program Commission

Just like it is common for e-commerce affiliate programs to have a small referral window, it is also common that the commission rate is not high.

In the case of the Wish affiliate program, the commission is as low as it gets.

If you are familiar with Wish, you know that the majority of the products on the marketplace are very cheap and of poor quality. A lot of products cost less than $1.

If you promote one of these products, you will earn just $0.01.

For any products above $1, you will earn 1% of the order sale amount.

Unlike Amazon Associates or Walmart, the commission rate does not differ based on a product category. No matter what Wish product you promote, you will only get a maximum of 1% commission.

Can You Make $1000 a Month as a Wish Affiliate?

Basically, no. With such a low commission rate you have higher chances of winning $1000 in a lottery than earning it as a Wish affiliate.

Let´s do a quick calculation so you have an idea of how hard it would be to make $1000.

For this example, let´s say that you are in a dog niche and you have decided to promote this tactical dog harness that costs $22. Your commission for each referral would be $0.22.

Let´s say that you have a conversion rate of 2%, which is, in my opinion, quite high as most affiliates promoting similar affiliate programs like Amazon Associates are getting 1% and less.

Even with the optimistic 2% conversion rate, you would need to make 5000 referrals to make $1000.

To get that many referrals with a 2% commission rate, you would need 250,000 visitors to see your Wish affiliate link.

That´s very unrealistic unless you are a king in the dog niche and have a channel with a lot of traffic.

You may say that you could promote more expensive products, but the thing is that there are no expensive products on Wish. Even if you managed to find some expensive products, the chances that you would be able to maintain the 2% conversion rate are very little as Wish does not have a good reputation when it comes to the quality of the products on their marketplace. People simply don’t buy anything expensive there.

How to Make Money as a Wish Affiliate

We established that making $1000 a month is not realistic, but let’s say you still want to try promoting Wish products and make at least a few bucks.

Just like with any affiliate program, there are many ways you could promote Wish products. The way I would approach the Wish affiliate program would be through a website on which I would curate the best products into different categories like unusual or bizarre gifts.

A lot of people I know buy things from Wish as jokes and funny presents.

And believe me, you will find many on Wish. Below is just one example, but you could find tons.

The problem with this method is, however, how to drive traffic to such a website.

Driving paid traffic to a website where you earn just $0.01 or 1% per referral would not be wise and focusing on SEO for such a website would not be an easy task.

Targeting keywords like “unusual gifts“ would not be smart as it is very competitive and also quite general. Keywords like “unusual cheap gift“ would be less competitive and more targeted but with no big search volume.

In general, when you are an affiliate for an e-commerce affiliate program, most of your traffic should come from product-related searches and product reviews as such traffic is very targeted. Product-related searches are long-tail keywords like the “best mattress for older adults”. If someone makes such a specific search, you know that the person has the intention of buying.

Wish has cheap and low-quality products on its marketplace, which makes targeting long-tail keywords harder. The things that Wish sells are just so random that there are few good long-tail keywords opportunities.

Because things are so random on Wish, people rarely go there to look for specific products like they do on Amazon. People go to Wish and browse till they see something they didn´t even know existed, see the low price and buy it out of curiosity.

So, in the end, targeting broader keywords would probably be better but ranking for them much harder. It is a pickle. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments.

Should You Join the Wish Affiliate Program?

If you have made it this far, you are probably not planning on joining the Wish affiliate program.

You shouldn’t: it is one of the worst affiliate programs I have seen. The combination of low commission, a low referral window, and the low quality of cheap Wish products is a red flag for any affiliate marketer.

As you can see in the example in this review, you would need huge traffic even with the higher 2% conversion rate to make $1000 a month. Even if you had a website with high traffic and in a niche that would be suitable to promote some of the random Wish poor quality products, being a Wish affiliate would still be a poor decision as you could make more money and more easily with a different affiliate program.

A good alternative to Wish would be Amazon Associates or the Walmart affiliate program.

They have higher quality and more expensive products that you can promote and also a higher commission rate. Driving traffic with SEO would also be a lot easier.

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