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Cloud86 Affiliate Program (2024)

Hosting affiliate programs are very popular among affiliate marketers, and for a good reason: the affiliate commissions are high.

The Cloud86 affiliate program is no exception. Cloud86 is a Dutch-based hosting company with a mission to provide reliable ultra-fast hosting at affordable prices.

In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about the Cloud86 affiliate program and discover if it is worth joining.

Cloud86 Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: €35 / 60%
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Where to Join: In-house affiliate program
Payment Options: Bank Transfer

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Cloud86 Affiliate Program

The Cloud86 affiliate program offers an in-house affiliate program that you can join here.

While Cloud86 primarily targets European markets, the affiliate program is not limited to specific countries. Regardless of where your referrals reside, you will receive a commission.

It's important to note that commissions are not earned on customer purchases of domains and business emails through Cloud86. This is a standard practice in the hosting industry, where commissions are typically paid only for hosting sign-ups.

The program provides a 60-day cookie duration and follows a first-click credit policy.

Although Cloud86 does not specify the requirements for joining their program, having a website is recommended.

While promoting Cloud86 through social media is allowed, you must obtain permission beforehand.

Advertising on social media and email marketing is not permitted.

Cloud86 Affiliate Program Commission

The Cloud86 affiliate commission varies depending on the number of referrals you get each month.

If you get 1-4 referrals, you will receive a fixed €35 per customer.

If you get more than 4 referrals, you will earn 60% per customer.

The commission is not recurring, and you will only be paid for the first customer order.

The minimum withdrawal amount is €100, which you can reach with just 3 referrals.

Commissions are paid during the first week of the month by bank transfer for referrals who remain customers for at least 45 days.

Can You Make €1,000 a Month as a Cloud86 Affiliate?

Hosting affiliate programs can be very profitable due to high affiliate commissions.

Let’s calculate a hypothetical example of how long it would take to earn €1,000 as a Cloud86 affiliate.

Cloud86 offers various hosting services, ranging from very affordable shared hosting to managed WordPress hosting and more expensive VPS services.

To simplify this example, let’s assume that all your referrals would come from managed WordPress hosting and would purchase a 12-month plan (Cloud86 offers 1, 12, and 36-month plans).

A 12-month managed WordPress hosting plan (the cheapest Start Plan) costs around €145. Assuming you generate more than 4 referrals a month and receive a 60% commission, you would earn €87 for each referral (for 36-month plans, it would be €208).

To earn €1,000, you would only need to make 12 referrals.

If your content with Cloud86 affiliate links had a 1% conversion rate, you would only need 1200 people reading it.

How to Promote Cloud86

After reading the last paragraph, you might be excited about how much money you can earn with just a few sales. However, promoting a hosting company is not easy due to high competition. Many affiliates promote hosting because everyone wants to earn those high commissions.

Cloud86, being a European hosting company, is somewhat easier to promote if you have a Europe-based audience. Europeans often prefer not to buy hosting from the largest US hosting companies like Bluehost. Due to GDPR compliance and better speed, they often prefer their website files to be stored on European servers.

Cloud86 is a relatively new hosting company, so it does not have widespread recognition yet. Therefore, I don't recommend promoting Cloud86 through reviews of their hosting, as there is simply no search volume for keywords like "Cloud86 hosting."

Instead, I would recommend promoting Cloud86 through keywords like "how to start a blog." Although this keyword is highly competitive in English, it is much less competitive in other languages.

If you have a website in Dutch, French, etc., you have many good keyword options with decent search volume that are less competitive than in English.

Should You Join the Cloud86 Affiliate Program?

Cloud86 has a very good affiliate program.

Their commission is high, and the cookie duration is long.

Their hosting is very fast while remaining quite affordable compared to others.

If you have a European-based audience, I highly recommend becoming a Cloud86 affiliate.

The European hosting market is not as saturated as the US market, and many Europeans prefer hosting their websites on European servers.

On the contrary, if your audience is primarily US-based, you might have a harder time promoting Cloud86.

Affiliate Marketing Decoded:

Make Your First $1,000/Month With Affiliate Marketing

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