Duolingo Affiliate Program

Duolingo Affiliate Program (2024)

Duolingo is one of my favorite apps for learning languages. I have been using it to learn Spanish, and I find it very useful. 

Does Duolingo have an affiliate program? Unfortunately, Duolingo does not have one. 

The only way to promote Duolingo is through the Duolingo referral program, which can be accessed from the application. 

In your profile, you will see: 

"Invite friends. Get free Plus. Get one week of free Plus for every friend who joins Duolingo" 

As you can see, you cannot earn commissions through the referral program. You can only get a Duolingo Plus subscription (now called Super Duolingo) for free. 

If you are a Super Duolingo subscriber, you will not have the option to join the referral program. 

Note 2023: I was informed by a reader that the referral program is no longer available. I can’t double-check as I am paying for a Super Duolingo subscription.

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