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Groupon Affiliate Program (2024)

Groupon is a marketplace of deals and discounts on various products and services. It allows users to discover and purchase discounted vouchers for activities, beauty treatments, etc. 

More than 20 million buyers regularly buy on  Groupon, which makes it one of the biggest deal marketplaces. 

If you want to promote Groupon deals, you can become a Groupon Affiliate.

In this review, you will learn everything about the Groupon affiliate program. 

Groupon Affiliate Program Overview

Commission: 4%
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Where to Join: CJ Affiliate
Payment Options: Payoneer, Electronic Funds Transfer

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Groupon Affiliate Program

The Groupon affiliate program can be joined through CJ Affiliate

The program could only be joined through Groupon Partner Network for a long time, but since June 15, 2022, it is no longer the case. 

On CJ Affiliate, you will find 3 Groupon affiliate programs

Groupon North America, Groupon UK- AU, and Groupon EMEA. 

The first two names are self-explanatory. The EMEA program is for the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates.

The Groupon affiliate program does not work in all countries. For example, Groupon operates in India, Brazil, or South Africa, but Groupon affiliates would not receive any commissions for referrals from these countries. 

All programs have the same commission and 60 days cookie duration

Since the program is on CJ Affiliate, deep linking is available. It would not really be possible to promote Groupon if it wasn’t. 

Groupon Affiliate Program Commission

The Groupon affiliate program commission is 4%.

The vast majority of deals on Groupon are between $15 and $100. 

Therefore, you can expect your commission to be around $0.6 and $4. 

Of course, there are also more expensive deals, but there are not that many. 

In general, people go to Groupon to buy cheap things. This is understandable, considering that Groupon operates as a marketplace primarily focused on providing deals and offers.

Therefore, expect to earn lower commissions. 

Commissions do not apply to specific transactions, including purchasing Groupon gift cards, using student program discounts, and purchases made with Groupon Bucks.

Can You Make $1.000 a Month as a Groupon Affiliate?

Groupon Affiliates don’t earn much per sale. The deals are cheap, and the commission is just 4%. 

Let's assume you promote a body massage deal that costs $50. From each sale, you would earn $2. 

To earn $1,000, five hundred people would have to buy the massage. 

With a standard  1% conversion rate, 50,000 would have to read your content with your Groupon affiliate links. 

Of course, you would promote multiple Groupon deals with different pricing, not just one. This is just a simplified example to give you at least some idea of how much website traffic you need. 

Honestly, I think this simplified example is too optimistic, as getting a 1% conversion on Groupon deals is a lot. 

For Groupon and any other similar affiliate programs, a more realistic conversation rate would be between 0.1% - 0.5%. 

How to Promote Groupon

First of all, I would like to clear up some confusion. 

Many affiliates join Groupon or similar affiliate programs because they want to have a coupon website. 

However, Groupon affiliates don't get any promo codes

You will link to already discounted deals on Groupon and won't get any promo codes. 

It rarely happens that an affiliate program gives affiliates their unique promo codes. Sometimes affiliate programs apply some discount for purchases through affiliate links, but that is done globally and not through promo codes. 

In general, unique promo codes are given only to affiliates with a large audience who generate a large volume of sales for the particular brand. 

So, you cannot have the typical voucher site. 

Even though Groupon has only a few main categories (Local, Goods, Hotels & Travel), each has many subcategories, so overall, there is a wide variety of deals that you can promote. 

Nevertheless, I recommend focusing on just one category and a few subcategories.

If you are not planning to do any paid promotion and want to rely on free traffic from Google, then SEO is crucial. 

Suppose you promote just about anything on Groupon, from outdoor activities to restaurants and beauty salon appointments. In that case, your chances of getting any of your content on the first pages of Google are very slim as Google won’t see your website as an authority at anything. 

If I posted an article "3 Day Prague Itinerary: Best Places to Visit" on Blogging Lizard, it would have very little chance of ranking well. I have no travel articles on Blogging Lizard, and Google knows that Blogging Lizard is not a travel blog. 

I can rank content related to affiliate marketing on the first page of Google as the blog has a lot of articles around this topic and thus have some topical authority, but I cannot easily do the same for other topics. 

No matter the affiliate program, always build a topical authority

Another important thing is realizing what type of deal you promote

Groupon has a lot of "Local" deals. Local deals are relevant only to people who live in the area.

If you promote a body massage in Austin, Texas, but most of your visitors live in other US states or even in other countries, you will not get many sales. 

Promoting local deals is good only if your website targets a specific area and you have an audience from there. 

If it doesn't, avoid the local deals at all costs and focus on deals not restricted to a specific location. 

Most deals from the category "Goods" are not restricted to a specific location. 

If you decide to promote local deals, remember that the deals can be time-limited and deleted at any time

Therefore, you must often check that your affiliate links are not broken (provided you link to a specific deal). 

Summary: Pros & Cons

Below is a brief overview of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Groupon affiliate program.


  • Deal Variety 
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • Established Brand


  • 4% affiliate commission
  • The most interesting deals are local based
  • Some deals are oversaturated
  • Deals can quickly change

Should You Become a Groupon Affiliate?

Should you join the Groupon affiliate program and become a Groupon affiliate?

I recommend joining the program if you have a niche website that targets a specific area

The best offers, for which Groupon is primarily known, are the local offers, and you can’t have much success promoting them if your audience is spread out. 

If your audience is spread out, you can promote the products in the "Goods" category. 

However,  Groupon is not known for selling things like electronics, furniture, art, etc. People will more like buy furniture from specialized stores like Wayfair and electronics from Amazon. 

Also, even though a 4% commission might seem high, the products sold on Groupon are mostly very cheap, so your commission will be just a few dollars per sale. 

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