Wayfair Affiliate Program Review [Updated 2022]

Wayfair is an American retailer of home furnishings and décor items. They have millions of products from more than 10,000 different suppliers which you can promote if you join the Wayfair affiliate program.

Even though Wayfair is a big brand, not many affiliates are aware that they have an affiliate program. In this review, you will learn all about it.

Wayfair Affiliate Program

For quite a long time affiliates were only able to join the Wayfair affiliate program through ShareASale. This has changed and the program is now hosted on CJ Affiliate.

If you want to promote the Wayfair affiliate program, you will have to sign up as a CJ Publisher.

Once you sign up as a CJ publisher and join the program, besides Wayfair you will be also able to promote Wayfair’s sister companies Birch Lane, Joss and Main and All Modern. The program terms described below are the same for all these companies.

Affiliates get a seven-day cookie which is less than the standard 30-day referral period. But in comparison, if you promoted home furnishing products on eBay or on Amazon, you would only have a 24-hour cookie

Wayfair has warehouses located throughout the USA but also in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. If you don’t have traffic from the following countries then the Wayfair affiliate program is not for you as Wayfair does not provide international shipping in other countries at the moment.

Just like any affiliate program, Wayfair does not allow bidding on the company’s trademarked terms. The program also does not allow direct linking to the product listings from ads. If you run ads, you must always link to your website first and from there to the product listings. Another thing that you can’t do is to use coupons or promotional codes.

Wayfair affiliates can use email marketing, but emails must not imply that the email is being sent on behalf of Wayfair. This is a standard clause for pretty much all affiliate programs.

You can recommend to your audience your favorite piece of furniture, but the email cannot be solely a list of all discounted products. That could be perceived as an email from Wayfair.

What the program terms also state is that you must send a copy of the email to Wayfair. It is, however, not clear whether you have to send Wayfair each email and whether you have to send it to them before you send it to your audience.

You can promote Wayfair only on websites that you own and manage and also on social sharing sites such as Reddit.com, Digg.com, StumbleUpon.com. You can also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat but it is not allowed to use Pinterest.

If you are American, please note that Wayfair will, due to nexus tax laws, not let you join their program if you are from the following states: Alaska, Arkansas Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

This information is stated at the very bottom of their terms, so it is easy to miss. If you are from one of these states, then, unfortunately, you will have to find a different affiliate program.

Wayfair Affiliate Program Commission

Wayfair has 7% commission which is more than Amazon’s 3% on furniture.

If someone who has a Wayfair Pro account orders via your link, then you are not eligible for commission.

An alternative to low Wayfair and Amazon commission is the eBay affiliate program which has 60% commission for the home category.

How to Make Money with the Program

Wayfair does not allow you to use ads to directly send traffic to their website. Therefore, if you want to promote Wayfair’s products, a niche website or social presence around home furnishings and décor is the way to go.

I would, however, recommend building a niche website rather than building up social media accounts. Relying solely on social media can be risky as you never know when they might change their terms and forbid the use of social media for their program.

When people look for furniture and décor, they don’t usually have a clear vision of what they want. They go on the Internet and look for inspiration. The source to go to for inspiration for many people is Pinterest.

You cannot directly draw traffic to Wayfair’s listings as that would violate the program’s terms, but you can drive targeted traffic from Pinterest to your content which you link to Wayfair.

Go to Pinterest and type ‘home décor’. You will immediately get an idea of what’s working for other people. For instance, I found a pin with a title ‘Outdoor Decor Ideas to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal’ with over 12k repins. The article is full of affiliate links and I am sure that the owner of the website has made decent money from just this one article.

Should you Join the Program?

If you have a niche website about furniture and décor then I think you should give the Wayfair affiliate program a shot.

Even though both Amazon and Wayfair have a huge selection of products, I think many people who buy furniture prefer to buy from a specialized retailer such as Wayfair rather than Amazon or eBay which sells everything.

However, who says that you have to choose just one program. You can join Wayfair, the eBay affiliate program and Amazon Associates and test which of these sites earns you the highest commission.

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  • Emma says:

    I’d advise everyone not to do the Wayfair program. They correct every commission without any explanation. A complete waste of time

  • Tracy Allen says:

    This was so helpful! I would like to know if it’s OK to copy and give you credit onto my blog? I want to do a live stream talking about this subject and I love how you laid everything out. So please let me know if it’s OK, thanks 😊

    • Martin says:

      Happy you found it useful 🙂 You can mention the article and link to it

  • Steve Westing says:

    Amazon only pay 3% commission on home and garden now so Wayfair has become the better option to send your traffic.

    • Martin says:

      Hi Steve,

      thank you for the comment. You are right, they used to have 8% commission but now it is just 3%. I have updated the article.

  • Tiffannel says:

    This was very helpful

  • Gary Berstler says:

    Can I make a YouTube#shorts video about a Wayfair product then put ” click the link in the pined comments” can I promote that way thanks Gary

    • Martin says:

      Hi Gary, yes you can.

  • Pooja Tambe says:

    Hi, I am from India can I use this program?

    • Martin says:

      Yes you can, but you need to have US traffic.

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