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InVideo Affiliate Program (2024)

InVideo is a popular online video creator that lets you create appealing videos quickly, thanks to a vast library of ready-made templates.

All you have to do is select a template and customize it with a few clicks using drag-drop replace actions. InVideo currently has over 6000 templates, so the chances are you will always find one suitable for your project.

Video content is constantly rising in popularity, so promoting an online video creator tool like InVideo is an excellent affiliate opportunity.

In this affiliate program review, you will learn everything about the InVideo affiliate program.

InVideo Affiliate Program

InVideo does not have an in-house affiliate program. However, you can find their affiliate program on Impact.

If you don't have an Impact account, you must create one to become an InVideo affiliate.

The referral window is 120 days which is excellent. In addition, InVideo has a last-click credit policy, meaning that if a customer clicks on multiple affiliate links, the credit for a conversion is attributed to the final click that resulted in the sale.

I prefer last-click attribution over first-click one. From my experience, I always earn more with last-click attribution.

Imagine you write a fantastic product review, much better than all your competitors. Nevertheless, some customers first click on a review of your competitor and quickly leave as they don't find all the information they are looking for.

But some of them still click on affiliate links inside of that review.

Then they find your review, learn all they want to know and make a purchase. You are the one who made that sale happen, but you are not the one who gets credited for the referral.

InVideo Affiliate Program Commission

InVideo affiliate program commission depends on what InVideo plan a customer purchases.

InVideo has three plans, Free, Business, and Unlimited,

The Free plan allows customers to try InVideo online video creator for free. They can test all templates and create their videos.

They can not export the video in high quality and without a watermark, so if they want to use the video they created, they have to upgrade to either the Business or Unlimited plan.

Since the referral window is 120 days, it is enough time to get credited for the customers who first try the Free plan and upgrade after creating their first video. 

InVideo has the following pricing at the moment of publishing this review:

Business Plan
$15/month (yearly plan) – billed $180
$30/month (monthly plan)

$30/month (yearly plan) – billed $360
$60/month (monthly plan)

And this is the InVideo affiliate program commission:

Business Plan
Yearly plan – 25% (your commission $45)
Monthly plan – 50%(your commission $15)

Yearly plan – 25%(your commission $90)
Monthly plan – 50%(your commission $30)

Can You Make $1000 a Month as an InVideo Affiliate?

Let´s do a quick calculation so you have an idea of what it would take to earn $1.000 a month with the InVideo affiliate program.

For this example, we will assume your conversion rate would be 1% (for every 100 visitors, one person would buy one of the InVideo plans).

If you had a very target audience, let's say you would teach people how to start a YouTube channel, you could have a higher conversion rate. However, I prefer to stay pessimistic and assume a lower conversion rate for my affiliate review examples.

We will also be pessimistic about the selection of the plan and assume the following distribution:

Business Plan
Yearly plan –10%
Monthly plan – 70%

Yearly plan – 5%
Monthly plan – 15%

 Let's Assume Your blog has decent monthly website traffic of 50.000.

With a 1% conversion rate, you would get 500 referrals, and you would earn the following commission:

Business Plan
Yearly plan – $2.250(50 referrals)
Monthly plan – $5.250(350 referrals)

Unlimited Plan
Yearly plan – $2.250(25 referrals)
Monthly plan – $2.250(75 referrals)

Your earning would be $12.000. This is a lot of money, but of course, not many people have blogs with 50k traffic.

Let's assume you have a relatively new blog, and it only has 5.000 monthly traffic.

With a 1% conversion rate, you would get 50 referrals, and you would earn the following commission:

Business Plan
Yearly plan – $225 (5 referrals)
Monthly plan – $525 (35 referrals)

Unlimited Plan
Yearly plan –  $180 (2,5 referrals - for purposes of calculation 2)
Monthly plan – $240 (7,5 referrals – for purposes of calculation 8)

Your earning would be $1.170. As you can see, even with a relatively small blog, you can reach the $1.000 threshold.

How to Make Money as an InVideo Affiliate

InVideo is a great online video creator, and if you manage to show the tool to a targeted audience, you can achieve an above-average conversion rate.

My recommendation would be to target either starting YouTubers or digital marketers.

Many people want to start a YouTube channel but find the video editing process a major obstacle.

InVideo simplifies video editing so that anyone can create a video with their tool.

YouTubers constantly create new videos, so they are more likely to consider the yearly plan on which they save up 50% compared to the monthly one.

Therefore, you could have a lot more referrals for yearly plans than in our hypothetical example.

InVideo constantly improves its online video creator and adds new features, including AI features that are currently trending.

They are about to launch an AI video creator that could revolutionize video creation. If you create articles and review this new tool, you could catch the trend at the beginning when there is less competition, and it's easier to rank your content.

Should You Join the InVideo Affiliate Program?

The InVideo affiliate program has all a good affiliate program should have.

They have a long 120-day referral window, decent commissions, and the program is hosted on Impact, so you know you will get paid on time.

InVideo is also a great online video creator tool that video creators will find very useful.

If you have read any of my affiliate reviews, you know that I often stress the importance of only promoting quality products.

If you want to earn money with affiliate marketing long-term, you can't promote trash products to your audience.

Promote only products you know your audience will find helpful.

Many people can benefit from using InVideo, so I recommend promoting InVideo if you have an audience related to content/video creation. 

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