5 Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives + Bonus Tip

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The Netflix affiliate program helped the company expand, not only in the USA but also abroad. Before 2010, Netflix operated solely in the USA. Now, Netflix is one of the largest Internet companies by revenue, operating in more than 190 countries and still expanding.

Netflix Affiliate Program

The Netflix affiliate program brought millions of new subscribers to the Netflix platform. It was paying decent commission of $10 for just signing up for a free trial. It’s not surprising that this was very appealing to affiliates and that many started promoting it.

Unfortunately, Netflix terminated its affiliate program and it is no longer available.

Netflix is so popular nowadays that it no longer needs to leverage an affiliate program.

I don’t think we can expect Netflix to renew its affiliate program in the USA. However, there will still be chances to promote Netflix outside of the USA. For instance, Netflix started testing a referral program in India in July 2019.

Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are quite a lot of alternatives to the Netflix affiliate program. Video streaming services are on the rise and affiliate programs are great for promotion.

However, if you want to promote bigger companies you should act fast. Their affiliate programs will not be around forever and after some time will be terminated just like the Netflix affiliate program.

Recently, this happened to the Hulu referral program which came to an end on April 29, 2019. The Hulu referral program was a great alternative to Netflix, but this company also does no longer need to keep its affiliate program.

1) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is, in my opinion, the best Netflix alternative at the moment. With Amazon Prime Video you can earn $3 for each visitor you get to sign up for an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial. The commission is much lower than what you could have earned with the Netflix affiliate program, but still you get paid for just getting people to sign up for a free trial; even if the people you referred subsequently cancel their free trials, you still get paid.

Amazon is a trusted company and Amazon’s Prime subscription offers a lot of original content.

Moreover, people have the option to buy just the Amazon Prime Video subscription or get it as part of a general Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime is also on the rise and for many the offer of getting an Amazon Prime Video subscription bundled can be a tipping point for subscribing to the more expensive Amazon Prime.

Whether you will decide to promote Amazon Prime or just Amazon Prime Video, you will have to join the Amazon Associates Program.

2) Philo

Philo is a live TV streaming service that offers a smaller subset of channels mainly based around entertainment and lifestyle. If Philo offers the channels you’re looking for, it’s a good choice.

Philo has its own referral program but it is not as appealing as Amazon Prime Video.

If someone ends up subscribing to Philo via your referral link, you’ll earn a $5 credit towards your next Philo subscription cost and they’ll get $5 off their first month’s subscription payment.

This basically means that you cannot make any money through the Philo referral program as you can only save on your own Philo subscription. If you are not a Philo subscriber, this referral program is not for you.

Philo allows multiple referrals to be applied to one bill so if you get a few people to subscribe to Philo through your link, you can use Philo completely for free. Please note that people have to end up subscribing to Philo so this means you will get nothing if they cancel their subscription during a free trial.

3) FuboTV

FuboTV is a streaming service that primarily focuses on live sports. If you have a website about sports, the Fubo TV affiliate program is a great option for you.

Commission ranges from $10-$30 depending on the type of subscription. You don’t get paid for free trial sign-ups, only for confirmed subscriptions.

The referral period is 30 days and, in addition to the USA, you can also promote it in Canada.

4) Sling TV

Sling TV services offer over 30 live TV channels and streaming up to 150. It has both referral and affiliate program.

The referral program works exactly like the Philo referral program. You can earn a $5 credit towards your next Sling TV subscription cost and your friend will get $5 off their first month as well. Unlike the Philo referral program, multiple referrals cannot be applied to the same bill.

The Sling TV affiliate program is powered by the affiliate marketplace, CJ Affiliate. Commission ranges from $3-$20 depending on the type of subscription.

5) CBS All Access

CBS All Access is a popular streaming service operated by CBS Interactive. With a CBS All Access subscription you get access to more than 10,000 episodes, live TV and all CBS original content.

CBS All Access has an affiliate program with a commission of $9 for a confirmed subscription and a referral period of 10 days. You don’t earn commission for free-trial sign-ups.

Disney+ (Potential Alternative)

Disney is launching its own streaming service called Disney+ on November 12th, 2019. Disney+ will exclusively stream the company's blockbusters such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar movies.

These movies alone will certainly convince a lot of people to buy another subscription. The announced price is only $7 a month in the USA, which is less than for Netflix.

It’s quite possible that Disney will also want to utilize an affiliate program for Disney+. Keep an eye on the Disney+ website as Disney+ could be a perfect Netflix affiliate program alternative.

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