Canva Affiliate Program: How to Make $3,000 a Month? [2022]

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Canva is a popular Australian design tool that simplifies digital design. For a long time, you could not create beautiful graphics without knowledge of a more advanced graphic editor like Photoshop.

Editors like Photoshop are robust but too complicated to use for many people. Canva gives you enough tools to make a beautiful design using a simple drag-and-drop interface. In addition, they have a vast library of templates, so you never have to start from scratch.

Canva has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commission by referring to the Canva Pro plan.

You will learn all about the Canva affiliate program in this review.

Canva Affiliate Program Affiliate

The Canva affiliate program is hosted on Impact Radius Network .

Canva does not provide any specific information about the requirements for its affiliate program. Their affiliate page only mentions that they are looking for design influencers, design educators, or anyone with a website related to design that has a large audience. They also say that they prefer affiliates with websites, but a website is not essential.

At the time of writing this review, the acceptance rate for the program was 62%.

Canva claims that you will know the outcome of your application within 48-72 hours.

The referral window is 30 days, and the program has a last-click credit policy.

The program allows you to create deep links. That means you can create an affiliate link to any page on Canva.

Once you are accepted to the program, you will be able to use various creative assets like banners and videos. They have a lot of quality assets to choose from, and they encourage Canva affiliates to use Canva to customize and make their own ads and banners.

Canva Affiliate Program Commission

Canva affiliates earn a commission when a user subscribes to Canva Pro

Monthly plan: you will receive a monthly 80% commission for the first two months.

Annual plan: you will receive a one-off 25% commission

Canva also has an Enterprise plan for large businesses and an Education plan for classrooms and organizations, but you receive commissions only from referrals to the main Canva Pro plan.

Affiliates don't receive any commission just for a lead when a user creates an account. You also don't receive a commission when a user begins a free 30-day trial. However, you get paid when users upgrade from a trial to a Canva Pro plan.

You can choose to get paid via PayPal or e-transfer. The payment threshold is $10.

Can You Make $3000 a Month as a Canva Affiliate?

Canva Pro plan costs $13 if a user pays monthly and $120 yearly.

The commission for the monthly plan is $10.4 (80% from $13). Since you receive a commission for two months, it can be a maximum of $20.8.

The commission for the yearly plan is $30 (25% from $120).

Canva mentions in one of their blog posts that, on average, 25% of users who visit their landing page create a Canva account.

Of these people, 23% start a free trial, and 56% of trialing users sign up for Canva Pro.

This is helpful (if it is true) and can give you an idea of what your conversion rate could be.

Let's assume that your content with Canva affiliate links gets 10,000 views a month. From these 10,000 visitors, 2500 would create a Canva account, and 575 would begin a free trial. Of the 575 trial users, 322 would subscribe to the Canva plan.

So out of 10,000 people, 322 should make a purchase. That means the conversion rate would be 3.2% which is above average. Anything above 1% is considered to be a good conversion rate.

Of course, this does not mean that your conversion rate will also be 3.2%. The data provided by Canva is relevant to their landing page. People who land on Canva website have higher buyer intent; they are often already looking for their tools. You can achieve the same conversion rate, but you need to have very targeted traffic.

Let's assume that you have this excellent conversion rate and that, on average, you receive a $25 commission (some people get the monthly plan and some the yearly). So with the 10,000 views a month, you would earn $8,050 (322x25).

Earning that much would be amazing, but let's be realistic and assume that the conversion rate is 1%.

With 1%, only 100 people would make a purchase, and you would earn $2500.

So even with a 1% conversion rate, your earnings would be decent.

How to Make Money as a Canva Affiliate

To be successful with the Canva affiliate program, you need to promote Canva to the right audience.

Canva is all about digital design. People use it to design social media graphics, posters, presentations, documents, and other content.

The best way to promote Canva is to show people what features it has and how they can use them.

YouTube is an excellent platform for promoting Canva. Videos work very well for promoting any design tools and are great for tutorials. You can cover many topics, but check a YouTube keyword tool first as keywords related to Canva are pretty competitive.

For example, Canva has a tool that allows you to remove image backgrounds with a button click. You often need to remove a background in a design project, and not many people know that there is an effortless solution to the problem.

This is just one of many features Canva offers. I recommend checking Canva's website and getting familiar with all its features.

Another great platform for promoting Canva is Instagram and Pinterest. Both of these platforms are very visual and popular among designers. However, it is not for you if you are not a graphic designer and don't design anything.

If you are not a designer but want to promote Canva on social media, I recommend trying Facebook groups. There are many groups in which people regularly ask design-related questions. For example, if you visit a business group, you will encounter inquiries about banner creation, business cards, etc.

However, I am not a big fan of promoting through Facebook groups. Unless you own a big group with a targeted audience and can thus include your affiliate links in a pinned post, promoting through Facebook groups is very time-consuming and not scalable.

If you have a website, you should use it as your primary promoting channel. This is because you are competing with hundreds of other people's content on social media, but on your website, you don't.

Just like on YouTube, you can publish articles about various design tips. Show your audience how they can use Canva to create stunning designs effortlessly.

Should You Join the Canva Affiliate Program?

Canva affiliate program has a decent commission and a standard 30 days referral window.

If you are a designer or have any channel related to design, you should try to be a Canva affiliate, as it would be very easy for you to promote.

However, even if you are not in a design niche, you can still be successful, but expect that your application can be rejected.

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